Julie Rader


Julie first discovered meditation as a teenager as a tool to enhance her gymnastics performances. She continued to study the power of the mind body connection through college and graduate school. The intellectual learning transferred to experiential learning by using mental imagery and yoga to earn her All-American recognition as a springboard diver. Julie uses yoga, visualization and yoga nidra to help professional athletes reach their highest potential. She works with professional volleyball players, soccer players, basketball players, and snowboarders and has been a Lululemon ambassador since 2007.

After four years of yoga studio management, Julie decided to turn her focus back to teaching. Julie founded the Mukti Yoga Teacher Training School in 2004 and created unique 50-hour, 100-hour, and 150-hour modules.  The modules allow trainees to customize the teacher training experience based on the path they would like their teaching career to take. Mukti Yoga senior teachers lead the foundation modules and Julie leads the graduate module as well as most of the 50-hour modules.  Mukti Yoga encourages students to have their feet rooted on the ground and their head dreaming in the clouds.