10 Bucket List Travel Destinations Everyone Should Visit

Green mossy cliff with river in Iceland. Join The Travel Yogi for your bucket list travel. Photo credit: Serey Morm

Got a bucket list? You know, the looong list of activities you want to complete during your life? If you don’t, don’t fret. You can always make one! Bucket list items are usually things you’ve always dreamed of doing, so not basics like “eat an egg sandwich” or “take a walk”. (But hey, it’s your bucket list! If your dream is to eat an egg sandwich, don’t let us stop you.) For the more adventurous and travel-minded, your bucket list might be stuffed with some of the most majestic parts of the globe. If you’re looking for bucket list travel ideas, keep reading for 10 destinations everyone should visit.

10 Bucket List Travel Destinations

But first, a note on the health benefits of traveling. When we talk about travel, we’re talking about wellness travel, the kind of travel that helps you maintain, improve, or begin a healthy lifestyle of wellness. Bucket list travel can be all about extremes, but in a way, that’s good for you. At The Travel Yogi, we lead trips that create a perfect balance of relaxation and exhilaration. You’ve got your list, we’ve got yoga adventures to help you tick those boxes: 

1. Sri Lanka

Vibrant green rice terraces in Sri Lanka. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Jaromír Kavan

Whether you’re a culture buff, wildlife enthusiast, or water sports fiend, Sri Lanka belongs on your bucket list. Expand your palate with the extraordinary cuisine, explore 26 national parks and two marine parks to choose from (you can see leopards and over 215 species of birds)  and stroll pristine beaches, for relaxation or, if you’re up for it, surfing.

Bucket List Items:

  • Climb the magnificent Rock Fortress of Sigiriya
  • Learn Sri Lanka cultural cooking with a local restaurant owner
  • See leopards at Yala National Park

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2) Nicaragua

Green parrots on a troplical tree limb. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi.

With 19 volcanoes and gorgeous colonial towns (hello, Granada!) Nicaragua is the destination for anyone with an adventurous spirit and love of culture. While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for rare and gorgeous wildlife, including birds like the green macaw, the toucan, and the motmot. You’ll also find jaguars, monkeys, ocelots, and sloths. If that isn’t enough, Nicaragua has some of the best surfing spots in the world, so get in the water!

Bucket List Items:

  • Make chocolate at a local cacao plantation
  • Hike to the flowing lava craters of the Masaya volcano
  • Sail on a catamaran in Nicaraguan waters

Hit all three of these bucket list items with The Travel Yogi’s Nicaraguan Yoga Adventure!

3) Romania

White castle amid a lush forest. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Majkl Velner

Surprised to see Romania on this list? We’re all about hidden gems. While, yes, you could go to Europe’s tourist hot spots (I see you Italy, France, and Spain), you’d be missing out on Europe’s most biogeographically diverse country. That, plus the castles, medieval cities, and fascinating history—and Romania climbs to the top of your bucket list. Go on a hike, spot a wolf, gawk at architectural treasures… Your adventure options are limitless!

Bucket List Items:

  • Visit Bran Castle, or shall we say… “Dracula’s Castle” 
  • Get your hike on in the Carpathian Mountains
  • Explore what some call the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania”

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4) Kenya

Zebra graze in a golden field of tall grass. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Surtita Budiman

We’ll bet this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that Kenya’s a must-experience travel destination. If it wasn’t for the unparalleled wildlife safaris or the chance to learn about the cultures of tribes such as Maasai, Samburu, Swahili, and more, the turquoise waters and isolated islands would do it.

Bucket List Items:

  • Do yoga on a safari
  • Play with baby elephants at the Sheldrick Orphanage
  • Join a cultural celebration with Maasai locals

Cross off all three of these bucket list items and more with The Travel Yogi’s Kenya Yoga Adventure.

5) Panama

Canoe floating on green ocean waters near a sandy beach. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Angel Silva

Composed of Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, and indigenous cultures, Panama is a melting pot. You’ll notice this in its vibrant music scene which blends salsa, cumbia, and more styles. If you love both the Pacific and Caribbean ocean, you don’t have to choose between them! Simply hop from one side of the island to the other to experience the best parts of both. And of course, you’ll experience the most incredible wildlife (Panama has the most diverse wildlife in Central America!).

Bucket List Items:

  • See a sea turtle
  • Snorkel mangroves
  • Sail through Dolphin Bay

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6) Patagonia

Glacial cliffs with mountains in the background. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Hans-Jürgen Weinhardt

No, we’re not talking about the outdoor gear company. Coastal fjords, forests, glacial lakes, snow-capped mountains, Patagonia will take your breath away. You can hike on stunning glaciers, spot penguins, sea lions, wild horses, grey foxes—even pink flamingos. Plus, it’s one of the most extraordinary places on earth to watch the stars, so put star trekking on your list!

Bucket List Items:

  • Kayak and raft the pristine Futaleufú river
  • Relax at night in a hot tub surrounded by glacier mountains
  • Hike out to the valley of Lago Obsession

You know the drill. The Travel Yogi Patagonia Yoga Adventure is a must-go life-changing experience!

7) Bali

A temple gateway with umbrellas at the entrance. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Alexandr Podvalny

Vibrant rainforests, ancient temples, world-class surfing spots, and every type of beach you can dream up, from limestone cliffs to soft white sand. Bali is, put simply, paradise (and a yogi paradise, if you practice!). Experience Bali’s vibrant culture by experiencing traditional cultural traditions and visiting Balinese temples (but first, learn Balinese temple etiquette 101!)

Bucket List Items:

  • Explore green rice terraces
  • Bike through the Bali countryside
  • Visit Tanah Lot Temple

For a magical, mystic, yogi-heaven experience, join The Travel Yogi’s Bali Yoga Adventure.

8) Croatia

Aerial view of the city of Dubrovnik on the ocean. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Mattiah Mullie

Game of Thrones, anyone? If you’ve seen the show, you know how gorgeous Croatia is, and it’s probably already on your bucket list. There’s nothing quite like it, from the lavender fields to the stunning coastal views. Head inland to experience one of its eight national parks or try the world-class wine, made from Croatia’s 130 native grape varieties.

Bucket List Items:

  • Hike and inhale the gorgeous lavender fields
  • Play picigin, a Croatian beach game
  • Take a private tour of Krka National Park

Experience Croatia with The Travel Yogi’s Croatia Yoga Adventure.

9) Galápagos

Blue-footed booby on a rock near the ocean. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Andy Brunner

If you love wildlife, it doesn’t get better than the Galápagos (home to over 9,000 species!). A double World Heritage site (aka both land and sea are protected), the Galápagos is composed of over 19 islands, each with its own personality. And thanks to a lack of predators, the animals (think: giant tortoises, marine iguana, penguins…) are surprisingly not afraid of humans!

Bucket List Items:

  • Swim with sea lions
  • Visit a tortoise sanctuary
  • See a blue-footed booby

The Travel Yogi Galápagos Yoga Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

10) Iceland

Aurora borealis at night above Icelandic landscape. Here are 10 bucket list travel destinations with The Travel Yogi. Photo credit: Nicolas J Leclercq

The magic of Iceland, from its black beaches to lava rocks, makes it a bucket list travel must-go. Watch the aurora borealis light up the sky or experience a night-less summer depending on the time of year (both are incredible experiences!). You’re almost guaranteed to see a whale (if you look for them) and can go for a dip in a geothermal pool to access those warm seawater benefits. Before you go, learn some fun phrases in Icelandic to entertain the locals.

Bucket List Items:

  • Witness exploding geysers 
  • See the aurora borealis
  • Visit Hafnarfjördur (and the elves!)

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It’s Your Bucket List!

Our bucket list travel recommendations likely have you scribbling down ideas, but ultimately, it’s your list. Let it grow and change as you do! For more ideas on where to travel to next, take our find your next adventure quiz.