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Sri Lanka Travel :: Culture & Cuisine Must-Dos


Think “island vacation,” and Sri Lanka might not be the first destination that pops into your head.  Yoga Sri Lanka may not be in your lexicon either, but if that’s the case, time to put this stunning nation on your radar — Sri Lanka offers a wealth of natural and historical attractions that’ll spark a […]

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Panama: A Trip To Change Your Life

National Geographic Traveler The Travel Yogi

When we started on this wild, wonderful wellness retreat journey many moons ago, we could only dream about a moment like this one, where our yoga retreat Panama adventure would be recognized as a National Geographic Traveler “Trips to Change Your Life”. We’re beside ourselves with appreciation, but not with surprise, because the trip is just […]

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Yoga Scholarship from The Travel Yogi

International Studies or Liberal Arts Students Only $500 for Current or Incoming Students. The Travel Yogi appreciates the power of education and believes the role of a yoga practitioner to be one of mindful service. Yoga is a tool to open hearts and minds, as is education.  Those of us that practice and travel know that […]

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Find Your Peaceful Bliss in Bhutan


Mention the name ‘Bhutan’ and immediately the mind conjures up images ancient temples and smiling locals. Mention ‘Bhutan yoga retreat’ and pictures of downward dogs amidst breathtaking Himalayan vistas spring to mind (and are totally accurate). Their properly famous Gross National Happiness program has brought attention to this small landlocked nation and their strict tourism […]

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Iceland Yoga Retreat Adventure :: Yoga Centre Winnipeg Remembers

Iceland Yoga Retreat

This past May (2018), twenty yogis hailing from Yoga Centre Winnipeg, set out on a Iceland yoga retreat adventure with The Travel Yogi. For those of you who don’t know, Winnipeg is just an hour’s drive from Gimli Manitoba, a small lakeside town in a region known as the ‘New Iceland’. This area boasts the […]

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Getting To Know :: Téo Chapelier


We were so excited when Téo Chapelier agreed to jump onboard The Travel Yogi team.  When your yoga-teacher-friends and LA yoga peeps all rave about the same person, you better believe we sit up and take notice.  It was a treat and a pleasure to get to know Téo in LA, just chilling at a […]

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