A Window Between Worlds

The Travel Yogi will donate a percentage of our 2016 profits to A Window Between Worlds, a nonprofit that uses art to empower women and children who have been impacted by violence and trauma.

Our travel yoga teacher Liz Arch is a proud spokesperson and ambassador for A Window Between Worlds, and a firm believer in the capacity of yoga and art to heal both physical and emotional wounds.


A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) partners with domestic violence shelters, sexual assault agencies, veterans organizations, and other community sites to transform trauma through art — creating a life-changing space for safety, connection, and healing.

AWBW brings its healing art programs to more than 20,700 domestic violence survivors in the greater Los Angeles area and across 32 states. AWBW programs include art workshops, a survivor’s art circle, community engagement, and training for shelter staff/volunteers.

For 25 years, AWBW’s art programs have helped survivors take important steps in the healing journey by expressing their feelings, releasing the past, building confidence, and developing hope.

How You Can Help the Healing

Explore the World with The Travel Yogi
The Travel Yogi will donate a portion of the profits from all 2016 yoga retreats and adventures to AWBW.

Take the I CAN WE CAN Pledge
Take the I CAN WE CAN pledge today to help end domestic and sexual violence in our communities.

AWBW has a range of volunteer positions and activities available throughout the U.S.

For its 25th anniversary in 2016, AWBW’s goal is to raise $250,000 for its “25 for 25” campaign, which will be doubled by their largest matching grant ever. Your tax-deductible donation will help AWBW support survivors of domestic violence.

Learn More and Connect
Visit awbw.org, call 310-396-0317, or email info@awbw.org for more information.

AWBW on Facebook  —  AWBW on Twitter  —  AWBW on YouTube  —  AWBW Email Newsletter

Buy AWBW artwork created by women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse, including  greeting cards, T-shirts, books, and bookmarks.

Community Story Tree

Voices of AWBW Participants

“This workshop helped me to envision a future for myself and my children that is beautiful, full of possibilities and happiness.”
– Adult Windows Participant

“I was strong when I went to get help for my mom when my dad was beating her. I am even stronger now because I won’t live that way anymore.”
– Children’s Windows Participant, age 8

“I was able to let go of the revenge. I thought I had to carry that with me forever, but now I know I don’t have to. It feels good, like I don’t have to be mad at my dad anymore.”
– Children’s Windows Participant, age 11

“Thank you for helping me reach my feelings that were hidden for so long. For the first time in my life, I relaxed. You don’t even know how much I’m thankful for that.”
– Adult Windows Participant

“Thank you very much for providing the opportunity to find me again, and grow stronger and confident for myself and my son.”
– Adult Windows Participant