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The Yoga Adventure :: Balance/Love


We love retreats… That might sound like a no-brainer for us, but we don’t think so.  The typical ‘yoga retreat’ brings to mind long yoga classes twice a day with lots of free time in the in-between for hanging out.  There’s a place for that but it’s not what The Travel Yogi does.  We adventure […]

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Yoga Retreat Adventures:: Real Magic


At first, I wasn’t sure if retreats were for me. The truth of the matter is I always seek out yoga studios when I vacation because I feel like it is the perfect time to catch up on my yoga. I love experiencing different teachers and, since I was on my own, I got incorporate adventure […]

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The French Connection

France culture The Travel Yogi

The “Why We Love It” Piece… When we first strolled the cobblestone streets of the quaint, charming, medieval villages dotting the Dordogne region of southern France – it took mere seconds to fall in love with it all. The colors, fresh smells, slow pace of life, friendly faces and lyrical “Bonjour’s!” swept us, and all […]

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Wellness :: On The Road

best yoga retreats The Travel Yogi

We all get it.  Wellness, physical and mental, is important.  In this hopped up, hyper-tech, 24/7 world we all need an outlet to bring it back, calm it down and chill it out.  With any luck that is happening a few times a week already whether it’s hitting your mat, pounding the joggers-lane on the […]

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Wellness Travel To Iceland Will Rejuvenate Body, Mind, And Spirit


Travelling to Iceland provides a chance to experience one of those places that hardly looks real when you see it. Between the stark greens and grays of the oceanside, the aurora borealis glowing over a blue-tinged, snowy nightscape, or the quaint villages that speckle the coasts and inlets, the country looks like something out of […]

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Travel Solo But Not Alone

Solo Travel The Travel Yogi

If you’re considering (or have already planned) a solo yoga vacation, you’re not alone! On any given trip with The Travel Yogi you’ll find that our intrepid yogis are heading out on an independent journey, so regardless of the destination, you’re in excellent company! While we all know you’re an awesome, independent, openhearted and ready-to-roll […]

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Spotlight: Galapagos

If you’re searching for an epic retreat that combines unbelievable animal adventures, boundless natural wonders and juicy yoga goodness, a Galapagos yoga retreat is your ticket to pure joy! Indulge Your Bucket List This once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos adventure will do wonders for your travel bucket list. In addition to must-see Galapagos treats such as the emerald […]

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