Our New Provence Itinerary, and 5 Things to Know Before You Go

Les-Baux-de-Provence by Jaakko Kemppainen via Dropbox.

The Provence region of France might just have it all. 

The perfect blend of health and pleasure in the form of fresh food and aged wine. An easy-to-explore, sunkissed landscape dotted with historical landmarks from ancient to medieval. And a culture that invites the slow pace of wellness travel with plenty of chances for upbeat countryside adventure. 

As we publish this, we just launched a new-and-improved Provence itinerary for our France Yoga Adventure. If you’re thinking of visiting Provence, France, you’ll want to read on! We’ll cover a few specific things that make the region so special, and break down our itinerary day by day.

Why We Moved Our France Yoga Retreat Adventure

If you’re a wellness-focused traveler with a thirst for adventure (or an adventurous traveler ready to add more wellness to your routine!) you can’t go wrong with a visit to France. 

Our original France yoga retreat (in our world, we call it a France Yoga Adventure) was one of our more relaxed itineraries. It allowed travelers to sink into the slow, healthy, savory pace of French life. 

But we’re known for being the original yoga adventure company, so when it was time to reimagine our French itinerary, we knew what it needed: a pinch more adventure without sacrificing an ounce of countryside charm, fresh cuisine, or world-renowned wine (yep, we we’re all about balancing yoga and wellness with the finer things in life). 

And we knew just where to go.

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Provence, France

Provence is a region as full-bodied as a glass of red, sun-kissed as a bundle of dry herbs, and dynamic as a rocky hillside. In other words, it’s the perfect French region to balance wellness and adventure. 

Here are 5 things you must know before visiting Provence, France!

You can get lost in an outdoor market (in a good way).

French market by Terry Granger via Dropbox.

Provence’s outdoor markets are some of the best in France. Picture yourself wandering a maze of stalls. You stroll past fresh-picked bounties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices; local delicacies like oils, cheese, olives, and honeys; and a wide selection of wine. 

Once you’re done filling your bag with all the makings of a French feast (and feasting your eyes on the rest), you turn your attention to a section of the market dedicated to handcrafted artisan products, soap, and textiles. 

Our Provence itinerary includes a full morning at the Saint-Rémy market, part chef-guided and part solo exploration. You’ll need all that time to feast your senses!

Lavender is just the beginning.

Have you heard of the Provençal lavender fields? These seas of purple flowers are a bucket-list-worthy photo op, and the relaxing scent is enough to lull anyone into deep serenity. 

But focusing on lavender would be unfair to all the other herbs that grow in shocking abundance all across the region. Province’s Mediterranean climate is perfect for herbs. rosémary, thyme, savory, oregano, basil, chervil, tarragon, marjoram… the list goes on. 

Centuries before the spice blend we call herbs de Provence hit grocery store shelves, locals have been assembling fragrant bundles from half-wild gardens, giving every meal a unique – but still obviously Provençal – flavor profile. 

On our Yoga Adventure, you’ll visit an essential oil distillery and bottle up whatever aromatic goodness is in season.

The landscape will invite you to explore.

Provence’s landscape strikes the perfect balance of idyllic and impressive. Forests, farms, and vineyards create patchwork contrast, hills promise spectacular views for those who are willing to climb, and the occasional exposed cliff adds a rocky edge.

Luckily, it’s easy to explore! Well-maintained stone paths link villages and meander up hills. Bicycling has always been the French way, and today, the rise of e-bikes makes it easy to extend your range without burning out your legs.

Provençal rosé changed how the world drinks pink.

When you visit Provence, France, you’ll taste no shortage of delicious wines: from full-bodied reds to summery whites. The details and history of wine in Provence are far too complex to unpack here (on our Yoga Adventure, a sommelier will fill you in). For now, let’s focus on one important type of Provençal wine: the rosé. 

Provençal rosé flies in the face of the stereotype that pink wines are overbearingly sweet and unsophisticated. This rosé is refreshingly fruity, aromatic, and dry, and known among the French for being a crowd-pleaser – wisdom that has spread around the world in the past 30 years, though rosé is far from new! The ancient Greeks began making rosé as soon as they landed in the region in 500 BC.

History is part of the landscape – and the culture

Pont du Gard via Shutterstock.

Provence wasn’t just a hub of ancient Greek wine-making. It later became the first Roman province outside of Italy. The Romans called the region “our province,” which became the modern name Provence. And in the 14th century, the city of Avignon temporarily became the papal seat. 

This history is written all over the region – from the sprawling vineyards; to Pont du Gard, an imposing and famous Roman bridge; to the Palais des Papes in Avignon. On our adventure, you’ll visit all these pieces of history and soak in the lasting cultural impact of the many civilizations that have called this region home.

An Adventurous 8-Day Provence Itinerary

Here’s a (summarized!) day-by-day look at our France Yoga Adventure’s new Provence itinerary:

Day 1

Arrival, greet the countryside, and enjoy a gourmet dinner.

Day 2

E-bike to an ancient hilltop village, explore ruins, and shop. 

Day 3

Discover Avignon with a guide before exploring the city on your own. Come “home” to a sommelier-led wine tasting.

Day 4

Cultivate herbs and distill your own essential oils at a local distillery, and enjoy a guided tour of an olive farm. 

Day 5

Venture into the bustle of Saint-Rémy’s outdoor market and join a chef to prepare dinner with the ingredients you selected.

Day 6

Kayak down the Gardon River, ending at Pont du Gard, with plenty of time to explore and marvel at the ancient bridge

Day 7

Immerse yourself in the famous Châteauneuf-de-Pape wine region through a vineyard tour, tasting, and the chance to blend your own bottle. 

Day 8

Breakfast and departure. 

View the full Provence itinerary!

Pleasure-filled adventure wellness awaits in France…