Private Yoga Retreats for Family & Groups: Just Add Adventure!

Friends, family, or groups can adventure in Peru! via Dropbox

Most yoga retreats are designed to help solo travelers relax and reset in a beautiful place. 

That’s amazing, except when you have to choose between your dream wellness getaway and that family reunion or friends adventure you’ve been talking about for ages.

But if you choose the right kind of yoga trip (hint: we don’t like to call them retreats around here!) you can create the perfect blend of wellness, adventure, and bonding time for just about any group. 

Whether you’re a yogi seeking a family-friendly getaway, a friend group looking to balance wellness and adventure abroad, or a yoga teacher ready to take your studio community on the road without logistical hassle, this post is just for you!

We’ll cover whether a private yoga adventure is a good fit for your group, what makes a family-friendly yoga adventure, and what to expect.

Why Choose a Private Yoga Adventure for Family, Friends, or Your Studio Members?

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Let’s start by debunking a common myth. Yoga retreats are not just for solo travelers! And you do not have to share space with strangers if that’s not your jam.

With a private yoga adventure, you’ll get the amenities, guidance, and perfectly planned itinerary of a traditional yoga retreat –but you get to choose the group. 

We’ve organized about a million yoga adventures (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea!) and we’ve seen private yoga adventures work brilliantly for:

  • Families who want to bring together multiple generations in a trip that’s vibrant but low on chaos (that can include the kiddos – read on for more about kid-friendly yoga adventures!)
  • Friend groups who want to connect through a shared wellness practice without sacrificing adventurous outings, cultural exploration, or once-in-a-lifetime photo ops.
  • Birthday celebrations that’ll stand out in everyone’s memory, even yoga newbies (with jaw-dropping scenery, delicious food, or an ancient city on the agenda, you’ll win over any skeptics in a heartbeat).
  • Yoga teachers ready to relocate their morning class to a white-sand beach without getting lost in the seventh circle of visa mayhem.

Private yoga adventures are also amazing alternatives for traditional alumni reunions or business offsites.

This style of travel helps you create that elusive type of getaway that’s both exciting and calming – with a little something on the agenda for athletic types, foodies, history junkies, and dedicated yogis alike. 

A bonus? You won’t spend hours piecing together the perfect group itinerary, booking flights, or stressing about immigration paperwork.

The key is choosing the right type of yoga adventure for your group. And we’re pretty sure we’ve got you covered!

Yoga Adventures: The Perfect Yoga Retreats for Beginners & Mixed Groups

Yogis in Iceland via Instagram

The perfect yoga retreat for families, beginners, or mixed-level groups isn’t a retreat at all – it’s a Yoga Adventure. 

In case you’re new around here (welcome!) a Yoga Adventure is a unique style of yoga travel we created at The Travel Yogi. 

The idea behind Yoga Adventures is simple: trips to Earth’s most awe-inspiring destinations are better when you’re feeling calm, centered and healthy. 

And on the flip side, if you’re traveling to practice yoga, it’d be a shame to “retreat” so fully that you miss out on the local culture, landscapes, and cuisine!

We offer over 16 Yoga Adventures on five continents. On any of these, you’ll have the opportunity to practice yoga once or twice a day: from de-planing stretching sessions to energizing wake-up calls or late-night wind-downs, depending on what’s on the agenda that day. 

When you’re not on your mat, you’ll be busy exploring villages and cities, getting your mind blown on history tours, venturing deep into nature on the heels of a knowledgeable local, or savoring authentic cuisine from gourmet restaurants and best-kept-secret street vendors.

So whether you want to…

…we’ve got you covered: from coordinating your itinerary with the best locally-run businesses to taking the chaos and confusion of immigration out of your hands. 

Are yoga adventures kid-friendly?

Mother and child doing yoga by Guille Pozzi via Unsplash.

A family yoga adventure is a beautiful way to bring generations together, but if you have children who aren’t easily confined by a 6-foot mat, you’re still probably hesitating. 

Take it from us: Yoga Adventures can be kid friendly.

First thing’s first: on Yoga Adventures, yoga practices are totally optional for everyone: kids and adults alike! That makes this kind of yoga retreat a great fit for groups of mixed ages and yoga experience levels.

But while most of our expert-planned itineraries are sure to keep the little ones engaged, not every destination is appropriate for all ages. 

Drop us a line and share the ages of everyone who’s attending your family yoga adventure – we’ll recommend the best destinations for everyone in your group. (Ask us about Fiji… we dare you!)

What’s Included in a Private Yoga Adventure?

Yoga shala in Bali via Dropbox

Yoga teacher 

You’re welcome to bring your own yoga teacher (or if you are a teacher, you’re welcome to organize your own group!), but if you’re planning a friends or family yoga retreat, you probably don’t have someone in mind. No worries there – we’ll link you up with the perfect travel-savvy yoga teacher!

Itinerary planning

Each Yoga Adventure itinerary is proven to please, refined from our years of experience, and curated for our trademark balance of adventure and wellness. No need to worry whether there’s too much on the agenda or not enough, if an excursion is actually going to be any good, or how to get from point A to point B.  

Visa processing and immigration guidance

Every country has its own, often-cryptic visa guidelines… especially those exotic, bucket-list destinations! But our boutique team knows these processes inside and out. We’ll walk you through everything your group members need to do in the months leading up to your departure and handle the final visa processing on our end. 

In-country transportation

You’ll be in charge of booking your international flights, but the nitty-gritty of getting around within the foreign country is all handled for you. Certain adventures require short hops between smaller airports (or even private charter flights!). We’ll book those tickets for you, plus trains, buses, vans, bike rentals… you get the idea. 

All accommodations, excursions, and activities 

For details, you’ll want to check out the individual Yoga Adventure descriptions – this will also help you narrow down on a favorite or two before we get to chatting about the best-fit adventure for your group. 

From Bali to Bhutan and Sicily to Sri Lanka, you’ve got a lot to peruse!

How to Book a Private Yoga Retreat 

Choosing the perfect group trip is a big decision! Before you go researching flights, your first step is to get in touch with a member of The Travel Yogi team. 

We’ll give you an honest run-down of the best trips for your group members’ ages and interests, talk about group size, cook up a custom quote, chat possible departure dates, and answer all your questions. 

Shoot us an email at [email protected] or fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you!

Adventure wellness (with people you love) awaits!