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Nature in the Galapagos

From house cats to sea lions and giant tortoises …we talk a lot about all there is to see on a Galapagos yoga retreat, but what exactly do we mean? Take a few minutes to explore a small, small sample of the natural world that is Galapagos (there’s so much more to see once you’re there!). Inspired …Read More

Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

How does a week of twice daily yoga with Annie Carpenter & Maty Ezraty, some of the best surf in the world, sunbathing, kayaking, horseback riding, monkey trails, spa days and more sound? If it all sounds as fabulous to you as it does to us (and we’ve been there, so we can vouch for it!), be …Read More

Costa Rica Baby Sea Turtles

They’re tiny.  They’re adorable.                             The only mission these baby sea turtles have in the first few days of their lives is to get down the beach from the nest and in to the water as quickly as possible so that they …Read More

A Dozen Great Reasons to Take Your Yoga Practice Outdoors

Our travel yogi Maria Santoferraro on the many reasons why outdoor yoga is the best kind of yoga… Have you had a chance to take your yoga mat outside this summer for some outdoor yoga? I have been practicing and teaching yoga on the beach all summer, and to be honest, I’m getting a little …Read More

Getting to Know: Jenniferlyn Chiemingo

Joy. Love. Yoga. If you’ve ever met her or taken one of her classes, you know there couldn’t be three better words to describe our travel yogi Jenniferlyn Chiemingo (JL)! She’ll soon share her joyful, loving spirit with a new group of retreat goers during her Costa Rica Eco-Escape Yoga Retreat this October (there are …Read More

Patience, Flexibility and Yoga: Travel Tips for International Travel

Our travel yogi Angel Lucia recently realized how she takes her yoga off her mat to travel – patience and flexibility namely – while making her way to Europe to lead a yoga retreatd. She’s gathered her thoughts and is ready to share a few of her international travel tips with you… Read below for …Read More

Getting to Know: Alexa Silvaggio

Start your new year off with a week of yoga, adventure and intention setting – but first, take a minute to get to know Alexa and why she loves to travel and lead retreats! What is your inspiration as a yoga teacher/travel yogi? I am without a doubt inspired by the practice of yoga itself. …Read More

The Magical Union of a Yoga Retreat

Our travel yogi Jenniferlyn Chiemingo has taken groups of happy yoga retreaters to Baja, Mexico and the Galapagos Islands and already has plans for many more retreats in the future!   As she starts to think about her upcoming “Costa Rica Eco-Adventure” in October, she shares some of the most memorable moments she’s had on …Read More

The Many (Sea lion) Faces of our Galapagos Yoga Retreats!

With so much beautifully untouched nature in the Galapagos, we’re never surprised by the amazing photos we get to see from yoga retreats! We’ve started noticed a theme in the photos as we sort and share though… They’re cute, they’re sassy, they’re playful and they make great backgrounds for selfies. They’re also by far the …Read More

Five Magical Moments That Happen on Yoga Retreats

Our Travel Yogi Nancy Alder started planning for her next retreat the day she arrived home from teaching her last retreat! What’s so magical about yoga retreats and where is she headed next? Read on to learn more!  5 Magical Moments That Happen On Yoga Retreats by Nancy Alder I have been fortunate enough to …Read More