Explore Magic in the Galapagos, Interview with Liz Arch

There’s one word that can perfectly sum up everything the Galapagos Islands have to offer: magical. So magical in fact that our travel yogi Liz Arch is headed back for her second retreat to the islands this June. What exactly is it that makes this location so different than others? Read on as she shares the magic …Read More

Getting to Know Where You’re Going: Galapagos Yoga Retreat

There’s a place you can go where 97% of the land is protected National Park, the journey there is definitely part of the adventure, and your yoga practice will often include views of a giant tortoise or two roaming the land or resting in the tortoise pond in front of the studio. Where is this …Read More

Why It’s Important to Travel Often

It’s rare that anyone on our team at The Travel Yogi goes more than a few weeks without travel. Whether we’re traveling to scout out our next yoga retreat location or simply to explore a new location for ourselves, travel is at the core of who we are. Even as frequent travelers, it occasionally happens …Read More

Galapagos Yoga Retreat Giveaway by Temple Tumeric

  We’ve partnered with Temple Tumeric and our travel yogi Liz Arch for the giveaway of a lifetime! This is Liz’s second trip to explore the islands, and we can’t wait to send one lucky winner to explore along with her! You’ll discover the magic of the Galapagos Islands while practicing yoga twice a day at …Read More

Getting to Know Where You’re Going: Mexican Riviera Yoga Retreat

Is it a whale? Is it a shark? It’s both! This little (giant!) guy is the largest still surviving fish species, and is a slow-moving filter feeder. Even though it’s giant mouth looks like it could swallow you whole, whale sharks feed primarily on plankton and small fish. The longest whale shark recorded was 41.50 …Read More

Morning Routine On the Go

They say breakfast is the most important way to start your day. Breakfast is definitely one of our favorite parts of waking up, but we would argue that having a morning routine (that includes breakfast, of course!) is the most important way to make sure your day is well-balanced and successful from the moment you …Read More

Yoga Adventure or Yoga Retreat?

If we asked you to describe your idea of yoga paradise, which of the below would you choose? Scenario A: A relaxing week filled with a blend of vinyasa and restorative yoga practice, paired with plenty of time spent lounging by the pool or the ocean with a book and a beverage in hand. You’ll …Read More

Getting to Know Where You’re Going: Baja Yoga Retreat

If you’re looking for the perfect yoga retreat in Mexico, we happen to know just the place! Tucked away under the desert sky, our Baja yoga retreats at Prana del Mar offer a little bit of everything. Whether your goal for your week away is adventure or ultimate relaxation, you can find a bit of …Read More

Nourish Your Soul: Mexican Riviera Yoga Retreat

Sometimes two people go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our two travel yogis, Rachelle Tratt and Sophie Jaffe, are the peanut butter to each other’s (superfood!) jelly and are excited to co-lead their upcoming “Nourish Your Soul” yoga retreat in the Mexican Riviera. We caught up with both of them to ask a few …Read More

Why We Love to Travel

With extra emphasis on love this month, Valentine’s Day got us thinking about our greatest loves in life. High on the list, of course, is travel. We’ve fallen head over heels in love with more places than we ever thought possible. From beaches to bookstores, each and every place that we visit has given us the …Read More