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Aruba Yoga Retreat with Ashley Thesier

Imagine waking up to perfect 82-degree weather, inspirational beachfront yoga classes, meditating to the sound of the surf, pampering yourself with spa treatments in a Caribbean-Balinese style spa facility, and the adventure of trying your downward dog on a stand-up paddle board. Sound enticing? If so, join Ashley Thesier for her “Aviator” Aruba yoga retreat …Read More

Santorini Yoga Retreat: Greek Language Survival Guide

Hopefully you spent plenty of time learning our top 10 Icelandic phrases with the last language survival guide installment. Our next stop on the language map? A little Greek to help you prepare for international travel to one of our Santorini yoga retreats! With white, red and black sand beaches, the gorgeous geology of the …Read More

Yoga for Travelers

Ever feel like one single airplane ride takes away many of the hours of yoga practice you’ve accumulated in your body? Given our love for international travel and constant exploration, our team here at The Travel Yogi definitely understands the feeling! We’ve got a few tips for yoga while traveling to help you feel rested …Read More

Iceland Yoga Retreat: Icelandic Survival Guide

The blue lagoon, trolls, glacier trekking and so much more… considering scratching that Iceland yoga retreat off your bucket list? (or maybe it wasn’t even on the bucket list, but it is now that you know it’s a possibility!  ha) As a follow up to our Spanish language survival guide, we present the second installment …Read More

New Year’s Yoga Retreats

Do you remember when you were young and time seemed to pass so slowly? School days were spent watching the hands of the clock tick slowly closer to release time, the months from one birthday to the next seemed to equal at least 3 years and your end of the year holidays seemed even longer …Read More

Mexico Yoga Retreat: Spanish Survival Guide

I once took a train ride from Spain to Italy during a month long trip in Europe. I had gathered enough Spanish phrases before and during the first part of my trip that I was able to navigate, respond and ask for key essentials when necessary. When I got off the train in Italy, however, …Read More

Fall Travel Roundup

With school starting and our calendar pages now turned to September, there’s no ignoring that fall is fully upon us. As much as we love the routine that comes along with summer ending, the idea of fall travel is what keeps us going as the mornings get a little colder and the days start to …Read More

Nature in the Galapagos

From house cats to sea lions and giant tortoises …we talk a lot about all there is to see on a Galapagos yoga retreat, but what exactly do we mean? Take a few minutes to explore a small, small sample of the natural world that is Galapagos (there’s so much more to see once you’re there!). Inspired …Read More

Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

How does a week of twice daily yoga with Annie Carpenter & Maty Ezraty, some of the best surf in the world, sunbathing, kayaking, horseback riding, monkey trails, spa days and more sound? If it all sounds as fabulous to you as it does to us (and we’ve been there, so we can vouch for it!), be …Read More

Costa Rica Baby Sea Turtles

They’re tiny.  They’re adorable.                             The only mission these baby sea turtles have in the first few days of their lives is to get down the beach from the nest and in to the water as quickly as possible so that they …Read More