Koha Yoga
Whaka and Sara
Venice Beach, California

Can you think of one gift that you are sharing with the world? Give a warm welcome to our new Travel Yogi, Whakapaingia (Whaka) from Koha Yoga as he helps you hone in on just that! Whether it’s on the mat, acro flying, or soaking up the Mexican sun… Whakapaingia will inspire you fully. Mark […]

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We’ve all been glued to the television this weekend and watched Paris be attacked, endure a night of fright and the unknown, and move into a day of grief, strength and worldwide support. As our travel yogi Alexa Silvaggio so brilliantly said, “When this sort of dark cloud falls over humanity, we have two choices, […]

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Low and behold travel yogis, if you didn’t think you had reason enough to hit the road, here are a few more reasons that yoga and travel go in tandem. 1. To Blow Your Mind Going somewhere new can be mind-blowing, and sometimes overwhelming! Yoga my dear grasshopper, is a cultivation of awareness. When we […]

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Well, you are. So I don’t know about you, but I have always struggled with self worth.  I am a phenomenal giver, but when it comes to receiving I fall short.  Like WHOOOOOOOA short. I used to think that this was admirable, that this was just so selfless and honorable. But when you really break […]

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Guess what?  We’ve got herds, zeals, prides, bloats and towers coming your way, and if you don’t know yet what those are yet, you will now that The Travel Yogi is Kenya bound on an amazing 10 days safari yoga retreat!  We’re heading off into Kenya’s wild and although we are heading to a ‘classic safari’ location, this yoga adventure […]

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